BigBlue Bogged DownBigBlue Bogged Down

One of my neighbors got his lawn tractor stuck in his bog yesterday.  This bog is a seeping drainage that leads to a pond. His intent was to mow the backside for the visual appeal of neatness. What he really needs at that end of the pond is a tractor wide bridge.

Being kind, helfpul & thoughtful, my son and I leaped into action. We grabbed the logging chain and got into my 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 4×4 with the 8.1L gas engine.

The situation seemed doable. The tractor was stuck deep – up to the mowing deck. The logging chain hooked up. The truck positioned , logging chain hooked up, put in 4×4 Low Reverse, and the wheels promptly spun and slung mud. The front wheels were buried to the hubs. Big Blue was now STUCK IN THE MUD.

A neighbor was called, we tried & snapped his tow strap with a snatch grab attempt.  The snapped strap flew through the air and fortunately over BibBlue.  (IF one of the hooks had hit any rear window or the forward windshield, either and or both would have shattered.) The neighbor then rescued the tractor with his ATV.

AAA was called to rescue BigBlue.

Lessons Learned:

  • Don’t alwas leap into action.
  • Thing Things Through (aka applied thoughtfulness.

Being Neighborly

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