PWM Maine

PWM Maine Artists

Yesterday, I abruptly found myself at the Portland Jetport (PWM) for an out of town trip. Fortunately, all & is working out well.


While at PWM, I enjoyed brief encounters with a Maine artist & a Maine author setting up day displays in front of the Downeast gift shop.


The first was Carol Ann Szafranski, Artist/Illustrator/Author of the Sunshine Art Gallery. Her themes include penguins, puffins & Maine offered as notecards, matted prints & published works. Her blog states “It only takes a SMILE to make a dark day seem bright . . . . .” Checkout her work & support the Maine Creative Economy.


The Maine author is Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Barbara Walsh. Her body of work includes photojournalism & now two published books – August Gale & Sammy. Click on the book links for a description of each book. If I weren’t an abrupt travel mode & mood, I would have purchased both books on the spot. August Gale for the story & Sammy for the story & Jamie Wyeth illustrations. For a brief great read, check out this post – My book-selling father – on her blog.

I recommend purchasing each book through the Apple Valley Books link.

Get out & enjoy your local creative economy. BUY LOCAL where ever you are & go.


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