The Natural World


Inspired by the Daily Post’s The Natural World.

Describe your first memorable experience exploring and spending time in nature. Were you in awe? Or were you not impressed? Would you rather spend time in the forest or the city?

There have been so many memorable ones over the years of traveling. Which would take more precedence, the absolute first, or the absolute awe?

Going back as far as I can remember to the very first camping trip in Maine. It was what is called upcountry, along the shores of Long Lake/Pond. The Lakes of Maine website lists seven Long Lakes & thirty-two Long Ponds. Pick one.

The site was definitely remote as most days we only saw each other. My youthful parents, older sister-8, myself-7 & younger brother-2. The one canvas tent for the five of us was either shared or rented. Either way, we had for a half-week.

The site was an open area along the shore, with a boat ramp & companion short dock. We three kids were properly bored and occupied ourselves with the task of filling the lake with rocks. We would grab a rock, run to the end of the dock and launch the rock into a splash. Then run back to repeat. All was going well until younger brother forgot to stop & let go of the rock. Splash he went. We hollered DAD! Dad jumps into the not even waist deep water, rescues younger brother, and ends the filling of the lake task.

I remember the remoteness of the site, seeing very few if any people, the lake, the shore, and being comfortable with all. This first trip led to many others with the family as we all grew up. The next year we took a cross-country roundtrip to Yellowstone. The first of several long trips.

Each trip taken over the past several decades have all had their elements. Remoteness, grandeur, solitude, reflective. I am more comfortable away from it all than in the midst off too many all at once. I’m writing this while in Atlanta for a couple of days, traffic & congestion are tolerated while reminding myself of this is a place to visit, not a place to be.

These days my travels continue. This year was a milestone year as we have now been to all fifty states. And we aren’t done yet.


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