My Two New Cameras


During last month a First Friday Art Walk in Brunswick, Maine, I was enamored by one of the studios that had a casual collection of vintage cameras. Since then, the collection idea has been percolating. Space & asset wise, this almost means moving out the Hess Truck collection.

IF I had only known how deep that photography would become part of my existentialism, I would never had sold my father’s cameras ten (?) years ago. They are gone – a twin lens roliflex & large format speedgraphic. In time, over time & in their place a collection will emerge.

Today was that day of beginning. With time & travel at hand, I found myself on the peninsulas of mid coast Maine and for no real reason at all, I stopped at my first yard sale in darn near a long time. For $3.00, I purchased my first ever Polaroid Spectra AF, it came with a case, the manual, and an unopened pack of film.

Two yard sales later, literally within hearing of wave crashing on the shore, I splurged another $2.00 for a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye. Internet research shows that this model was discontinued in 1961. On the Brownie Camera web page, I downloaded the fifteen page manual to learn more about this treasure.

After several other yard sales, there were no more additions to this fledgling collection.

While checking out each camera, the shutter release was pressed on the Polaroid. It click, whirled & spit out a picture. IF I had known that was going to happen, would have been more deliberate about the composition.

Stay Tuned!


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