Runaround Pond


Runaround Pond is a wilderness pond in Durham, Maine. A true wilderness pond in a rural setting.

I’m sitting here in my kayak along one of the side coves in a watery meadow of blue blossomed aquatic plants.


I do not yet know what they are. The bees do. Everywhere one looks there are bees working the blossoms.

Besides the humming of the bees, serene silence reigns supreme. An occasional frog croak. Distant birds chattering. The quiet flapping of a white winged butterfly. Far away planes on there way to elsewhere. A black cormorant doing a splashing takeoff. There is a richness to this solitude that heals the mind while enriching this soul.

There are thoughts of making this retreat a monthly ritual to observe the seasons change. This should be done to become more with the one that is nature.


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