Daily Prompt: Procrastination


Oxford Dictionary definition: the action of delaying or postponing something. Google Latin translation: dilationibus

DCF 1.0


Wow, just where to begin. On my desk there is a several month old bill to be paid, mixed in with some lottery tickets, iMac receipts, just to the left is my Hawaii dashboard hulu doll – whose arm broke several months ago, then superglue bought and final repaired just this morning, gazing further to the left is the black’n’white photo of my father the photographer waiting to be scanned into a picture to be shared with the family. Not to mention the box of old photographs behind with my grandparents wedding photograph waiting to be scanned into a picture to be shared with the family. Speaking of photography, the 2003 digital pictures need to be gone through before export, transfer and import from the e-world of Windows and into thee-world of Apple/iPhoto & Aperture. Looking left again, there is the five dollar bill waiting to be put into the wallet. While in the wallet, I’ll need to take the receipts out from yesterday’s purchases to put into Quickbooks on the Windows computer since the QB for Apple is getting terrible reviews and won’t be purchased until a better product is released. Upper right hand corner of the screen says OS X Update Available.  I’ll get to that sooner or later. I really should read the MaineBiz newspaper soon since another one has already arrived and will be next. Unless of course I use my reading time to read the book by recliner, or the book on the nightstand by my bed, or the book on my iPhone, or the book on my iPad. (273)  I’ll be leaving in 20 minutes to go the Steve Jobs movie, since that is scheduled it can’t/won’t be put off.

Outside, some trees need to be trimmed, others marked for cutting down this fall, and the new garage stepping stones need to be placed in walk formation. The several year old walk-in closet project is a joke that needs to be told and finished. A quick google search on ‘fear of finishing’ yields 21,200,000 results in 0.28 seconds.  My Maine Photo Cafe blog needs new pictures posted, pricing updated and I need to register for at least one craft fair this fall to sell off some affordably priced stock so there is at least enough revenue to pay for the SmugMug account and Nikonia membership dues. (402)

Personally, I need to read, think and write more. Walk several miles a day for my health. Lay off the lazy irrational consumption of unhealthy foods, get out and take some new pictures, call my father, or stop writing this endless senseless blog post that few will read anyways, and even fewer comment or compliment. Sometime soon, I will finish the blog post on the world wide web culture of affirmation, likes, views, and Linked In endorsements. Who decides how those endorsements are defined anyways. Nearly time to find my sandals and get ready to be ready to go. Word count at 496.

Now 505.

My work here is done, in this procrastination free zone of focused and intentional attention.


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