It seems almost surreal to be sitting by a campfire and blogging at the same time. After all, I’m back again at Cupsuptic Campground. It’s probably been ten years since we last sat on the shores. Always in October. Until we outgrew the facilities.

Back in that day, we were in pop-up tent trailers. Since then, we briefly passed through a travel trailer and now have arrived, for the past seven years, in a two-axle fifth wheel. Campsites were out grown, left behind & were missed. Others were found.

Cupsuptic became a warm memory. As I type this, loons are heard over the crackling fire. Their soulful wailings resonating over the lake beyond, under a half moon. Now falling silent.

Times have changed. Back in that day, this was foliage peak. Now the foliage has dropped. It issued to be the near start of winter. Now, it is subtly beyond T-shirt season.

None the less, we are back again. To watch the sunset, light a fire, and watch Saturn reflect into the lake before dropping below the horizon. And Cupsuptic has been upgraded to become RV friendly.

I am obligated to watch this fire descend into ashes. This not a complaint, only desired realty. The glass of wine is close at hand. The highway noise intrudes and subsides. Fellow campers are heard without distinction. The flames flicker on.

No complaints.


Cupsuptic Sunset

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