Cupsuptic SunsetEveryday is a chameleon.  The universe rotates, revolves and returns. As this is being written, it is early in the day, the darkness yielding through to lightening gray while the trees sway in the changing of the season. The November sky is lowering towards the next winter solstice.


Life is an undeniable illusion with roles accepted and imposed. Set your own expectations.  Challenge what you deny. Increase & respect your privacy by volunteering little or less while neither confirming or denying the expectations of others. Through this mindfulness, serenity, tranquility & peace become more possible and authentic. Your inner thoughts will be less perturbed & less disturbed.  


After this writing and for this day, it is time to venture into the world around, become part of the rotating, revolution and returning. 


Stay Tuned. 



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