November 2013

On this day, we pause to gather, cook & celebrate with the great collective feast called Thanksgiving. The fall feast that celebrates a bountiful harvest. This the day to either go home or be at home. Families travel to clump together. That would be for those families that have self sustaining traditions & legacies. Having grown up as a military brat, followed by my own military career, there is no legacy of collective clumping. While growing up, Thanksgivings were celebrated in Maine, Florida & California. During my military career; three continents – Asia-Turkey, Europe – Holland & West Germany & North America – Arizona, Wyoming, North Dakota, Texas, & Alabama. I am grateful for the rich experiences of my travels

I am thankful that this day will be celebrated with my wife of thirty years, our son, & friend whose family is not near.

We traveled far this year.

Five Thousand, Two Hundred & Eighty Miles. From Barking Sands Beach, Kauai, Hawaii to West Quoddy Head, Lubec, Maine. From South Point, Hawaii through the rooftop of Maine in Madawaska to the end of Route One in Fort Kent. On Saturday, February 16, Oregon became our 49th state visited. The next day, we were touching down in Kona, Hawaii for our 50th. I am grateful to have the means & opportunity to travel.

I am grateful for the health of my family & for the medical professionals for those times when so needed. Lives robustly lived are still fragile.

Full employment makes many things possible. The economy is not all things for all citizens. There are those in transition, both selective or unfortunately imposed. Businesses are still making those difficult choices between the needs & wants of the employees v the long term viable survival of the business for the remaining employees. Tough decisions are made & then implemented with tender care. I am grateful that we are all fully employed.

Simply put, I am grateful that my needs are met, my wants are considered & that I can scheme & dream about where is next.


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