The 2014 Calendar Project

I Love MaineIs winding down.  Three separate versions were published.  This project started with a company to customer calendar.  The intent is nearly a year old, only it was decided to wait and do this for 2014, when there would be more time to do it more right v slapping a bunch together and hoping for the best and settling for good enough.

This concept was  beta tested with q 2013 calendar. Good enough was settled for. A sound first effort with notable room for visual improvement.

The company to customer calendar branched out into a limited edition professional calendar experiment and experience. The third and now final edition is a family calendar illustrating our 2013 travels from Maine through Washington state, into Oregon, then on to Hawaii, back through Arizona and ending at Maine. But that is another story.

Lessons learned.  The photos were selected, produced, processed and calendar submitted. To limit the upside, a limited edition was chosen v having a bunch of excess inventory. (any excess inventory will become gifts)

The marketing campaign got briefly crazy on a closed Facebook page, apologies were extended and the campaign transitioned over to a dormant Maine Photo Cafe Facebook page.

The price point was fixed to include shipping via first class mail and taxes.  At first, I chose the quaint method of accepting checks. Now, I can invoice over PayPal.  If/when I do shows, I’ll have to be set-up to accept credit cards at the point of sale.  Once the final revenue analysis is complete, a decision will be made about the inclusion or exclusion of sales tax & shipping/charges, along with PayPal fees.

An ulterior intent with this marketing campaign is to drive traffic to my page where additional copies of the pictures can be purchased in a plethora of sizes, mediums & styles.  This site was as dormant as the Facebook page and is now undergoing a redesign to upgrade the platform to a more modern era style.

The process until now has been ad hoc, event driven and without necessary form or plan. The webpage will be a more thoughtful and deliberately planned process. As with all webpages, it will become and remain a work in progress.

Stay Tuned.



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