Daring Do

The Daring Do Daily Post. Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

Zeus Ocean Storm

Zeus Ocean Storm

It was several springs ago, perhaps three or four years ago. Zeus OS – my yellow Labrador Retriever – And I had spent another winter taking long walks across frozen ponds and snow filled woods. We were and are a loyal pair. Once we get to the lower deadend of the road, Zeus is released from his leash to roam, sniff & wander nearby.

Only now the lower pond is now thawing. I remember thinking about ice self-rescue techniques from my Boy Scout survival training. Little did I know how soon those thoughts would become necessary. Zeus was unleashed, wandered out unto the fading ice and broke through, ending up looking forlorn with his elbows resting onto the edge of the ice shelf.

With my cellphone, I called my wife to come down to the lower pond. Then I set my cellphone & wallet down on the ground. I knew that if I laid flat on the ice, I could flat crawl out to pull Zeus onto the ice and stand a good chance of resolving the situation. Once my wife arrived, I put my plan into action. It was working great until I reached to pull Zeus onto the ice. The thawing ice could not support our combined weight & I went into the water head first. The depth of the pond was just over head deep. I looked up to the bottom of the ice. With a mighty shove, Zeus was pushed onto the ice and made his way to shore.

Now I was the forlorn one with my elbows on the ice. It was six to ten feet to safety. Options included getting myself back onto the crumbling ice or going under the ice to shore. Each time I tried to thrust myself onto the ice, it crumbled beneath and I dunked again & again under the ice. Finally, I made onto the ice, flat rolled to the shore & completed the self rescue. I was soaked and cold.

The next danger was a bout with hypothermia. But I really hadn’t been in the water long enough. All it really took was getting home & getting out of the wet clothes.

It took several years until I would take a walk in the winter & cross frozen ponds.

Zeus is still at my side. I would do it again.


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