The Maine Photo Cafe is Open For Business

Featuring the photography of yours truly – Robert M. Smith, Jr.

Logo Sunrise

Maine Photo Cafe

It has taken awhile to get further. The old site has been up for two years, but was not marketed or promoted as well as it could/should have been. It was actually started during a period when I was too busy to start anything else or anything new. Hence the motivation was not met with the drive for success. I hope that this restart will be different.

Why different? Well SmugMug has significantly redesigned & strengthened the capabilities of their web platform.  It took a while to overcome the at first steep & intimidating learning curve.  But with all things good, trial, error & fear make excellent learning companions.

Why could it be different this year? Modest success with getting my photography out there with a commercial calendar release. Even sold a few of my own calendars. All have the website printed on them. Hence, the need to pay better attention and seize this opportunity.

I consider this to be a soft opening. There are only two galleries up at this time. There will be more to follow, along with other efforts, yet to be either revealed or thought of, to better promote my photARTgraphy.

As always, stay tuned, follow& like the Maine Photo Cafe on Facebook & Twitter for announcements about What’s New!

What’s next?  Complete the digital migration from Windows to Apple.

Did I mention, Stay Tuned?


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