Ma & Pa Cardinal


The northeast was recently clobbered by a pre-Christmas ice storm. Reminds me of the same area getting clobbered by a pre-Thanksgiving Nor’east’ah. My section of Maine was lightly brushed with an up to 1/2″ of ice. Other areas received significantly more. The resultant power outages continue to linger, disrupting plans while disturbing intentions. These folks are facing a more simple Christmas, a more throwback into the day before modern conveniences provided comfortable and comforting lives.  My hope on this Christmas day is that all find shelter, warmth, family, friends and the hope promised by this day.

Like many, I grabbed my camera to take ice storm photos. Most were of the same variety as many. Bowing birches, the green grazed glass of winter & the typical glittering tree tops.  After a walkabout with the camera, I came home to the daily feeding frenzy at the backyard wildlife feeding stations, red & gray squirrels were on the ground and at their feeder; blue jays and mourning doves dominated their feeders; chickadees, juncos & redcapped woodpeckers interlaced in between on this busy scene.

Then the flickering patches of brilliant & subdued red dove down from the pines and landed in the white birch tree. The lens captured both of them sitting as individual and then this happened. One flew to the other & the camera went clicketyclicketyclick.

These pictures and others are viewable on the Maine Photo Cafe Facebook page. See the Ice Storm December 2013 collection. Selected photos will be available for purchase soon on the Maine Photo Cafe.

Merry Christmas to All.


2 thoughts on “Ma & Pa Cardinal

  1. So very sorry it was your turn to be covered with thick ice and all the fun it IS NOT! We had so many trees and food spoiled 8 years ago. Hope your festive mood can return as everyone gets warm in northern Maine and VT. The 2 coldest weeks of the season will be the first 2 of the new year stay warm the best you can.

  2. Hey NutsForTreasure: We had no problems here, none at all. My opening comment was an expression of compassion towards those so affected. Here we have dual heating systems, one for efficiency when the power is up, the other for effectiveness when the generator is fired up. Today, the trees are sparkling while gently weeping.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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