The Need For Speed


Is this really necessary? By necessary I mean a consumer passenger vehicle with a 160 MPH speedometer.

This is in a 2014 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring model. Since it is red, does that make a difference?


Grand Touring models are equipped with a new 2.5L SKYACTIV-G engine that

ups power to 184 hp all flowing through the standard SKYACTIV-Drive automatic transmission.

My first thought was a road trip for a high speed test session on the high banks of the Daytona Speedway. But that would also take significant structural modification – think tubular steel roll cage – to get past the track safety & technical inspection.

According to a Car and Driver review , the top speed is really 123 MPH. Mazda would have done better to put a more reality based speedometer in the car that would allow for better definition across the range of the instrument.

This is a fun & safe car to drive. The AWD performance is boringly superb.  I’ve tried to kick into spins, drifts and skids, just to see where the limits are. So far, no performance limits.  It has even effortlessly busted through snow plowed drifts and into a driveway full of snow. I guess I’ll just have to go for the criminal speed test.


PS: We do playfully name our vehicles.  This one is Taz.  In the 2000 Daytona 500 Dale Earnhardt the father drove a red Monte Carlo with the Tasmanian Devil on the hood. After that one race, he returned to his preferred black Chevrolet.  This one’s for you Dale.


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