Happy New Year! & Mental Wanderings

Colors2013 is gone.  2014 is here!

For more information, visit this Happy New Year post over on Wicked Good HR ~ my professional blog.  The entire text will not be cross posted here. It could be that would be redundant.

However, this is worth cross posting;

My 2014 motto, oath, slogan, toast goes like this;

May today be better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow.


All I’m doing right now is free-writing, shaking the cobwebs loose (no New Years Eve hangover for me).  But if you do have one, might I recommend Your Complete Guide to the Science of Hangovers over on the Smithsonian Blog.

So I really haven’t said much yet at all.  Perhaps too much time refreshing Facebook, while generally mildly interesting, only adds the value of persisitent affirmation.

Then hoping over to Oxford Dictionaries, their Word of the Day quidnunc is pretty cool.  But & so for now, I really should go close out the 2013 financials and start the 2014 financials.  I track cash flow, debt reduction, and investment accounts value  weekly, within the calendar confines.

Stay Tuned, I’m going to publish this for now and may be back to add more.

From the House at the Edge of the Forest.


I’m back for more:

The temperature has warmed up thirty degrees from this morning’s low of Minus Ten. That means its time for some snowshoeing!

I’ll be back in awhile with a further update.


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