Confessions of a Snapographer

The best starting place for the best & concise photo advice, guidance & direction is this REQUIRED READING posting on Nikonia.  This is a posting from the IMAGE SHARING forum.

Bottom line folks – we want your BEST work, NOT SNAPSHOTS.

Why do I like this post? Because it hits on the right stuff that photographers should be doing for every picture taken by photographers.


It looks right through me while shouting Lucky Snapographer.  I.E. one who takes a lot of unnecessary shots, in a hurry, and counts on getting several good shots. Again, this is sometimes circumstance driven. For example, crashing wave pictures are always in fluid motion.

Pemaquid Waves


or diving seagulls.



while others are static and allow the time for thoughtful composition.

DSC_6788but was taken by a snapographer.

Time to start relearning the basics.

Stay Tuned.



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