Thank You

20140201-073000.jpgOne of my 2014 resolutions is to read, write & think more often. This v sagging into the recliner while mindless television shows meander through the atmosphere.  Well, in reality, the signal is now piped in via cable. Who watches legacy broadcast television anymore. But I digress.

Both of my blogs, this one & Wicked Good HR set records in January 2014. So I’m sharing briefly sharing the celebration while coming up with What’s Next.  Ideally, I would blog every day, perhaps alternating from one to the other. Reality shows that I blog when inspired, or moved, or some other random cosmic event occurs.

Somehow, I missed this ~ Zero to Hero: Onward and Upward!

Created by a team of top blogging experts (i.e., us) based on years of scientific research (i.e., writing blogs), we’ve created 30 days of digestible blogging assignments that will get you from “What’s this blog thing?” to a blog you’re excited and proud to publish. To participate, simply bookmark this page, and check in each day at noon EST for a new task. All past assignments are also listed below.

The good folks over at WordPress have an active community of inspired bloggers with daily & weekly writing prompts along that include photography. Steve Jobs deserves all the credit for my personal technology.  I can now blog with my iPhone, iPad and this iMac.  The iPhone is the source of much of the photography, as it functions as my second camera.  Also, I’m tweaking the format of each blog, getting used to the subtleties  & nuances of the platform across the devices.

As always, From The House at the Edge of the Forest, stay tuned.




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