soi-disant ~ Sunday’s Serendipity

But first, another event worth sharing in celebration.  Last month, I entered the monthly photo contest on Nikonia’s Travel forum. The theme was Trains. My photo was selected as one of the six finalist. 20140114-204900.jpg

Mt Washington Cog Railway

Last week’s Sunday Serendipity post was fun & enlightening.  You never know where you are going to end up.  Lets do it again.

This week’s inspiration is from the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Day: Soi-disant: self-styled; so-called.


French, from soi ‘oneself’ + disant ‘saying’.

The first page of bing’ing it and google’ing results in a page of dictionary references. That is not what serendipity looks for.   Searching deeper.

I.  In the news search, the following headline is revealed: America’s NU soi-disant soldier(s): The thug life and gang culture revealed

In today’s Baltimore Examiner, Luke Broadwater exposes the brazen shooting of a 46-year old victim, by two 17-year old assailants. (  You heard me, seventeen years old and out at midnight, packing heat (in possession of a weapon for those unaware of street language) and being a menace to society! However uncomfortable and baffling this may seem to the average everyday working class citizen reading this article, it has become a common thing not only here in Baltimore City, but throughout this state and country. It is no longer solely an urban area problem but “thug life” and gangs have infiltrated all sectors of American life!
Well, this is certainly an unsettling path, but perhaps necessary one to examine. The links have expired, so this is a dead end. Moving on.
II.  SoiDisant is a band with a Twitter presence.  Tagline: “Here to fill your musical needs.” 44 Tweets, the last from August 2012.  Following 66 other Twitter accounts. Followed by 15. Dead End Again.
Searching for a quote and found this:
I am very interested in what has been called bad taste. I believe the fear of displaying a soi-disant bad taste stops us from venturing into special cultural zones.
One quote in all of the internet. Starting to think that this Word of the Day is out there beyond the far side of arcane.
III.  Manuel Puig on Wiki.  A dead Argentinean  playwright and author.   Dead seem to be a theme.
IV. Exiting Wiki via the External Links section to Find A Grave (dead theme confirmed).  Manuel is now a permanent resident of Buenos Ares, Argentine.
V.  Find A Grave allows us to search for Favorite People’s burial site. Whether or not you consider this useful, distasteful or simply morbid is up to you I did a quick glance at Maine and there are about 165 dead people, per this site, buried in Maine. These range from the singer Rudy Vallee to the Civil War Hero, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, former president of Bowdoin College & 4-time governor of Maine ~ Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.
Conclusion: Sometimes the path along serendipity is difficult.
Your Mileage May Vary.

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