Albescent ~ Sunday’s Serendipity

AlbescentToday’s journey comes once again from the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Day ~ Albescent:  growing or shading into white.

Origin: early 18th century: from Latin albescere ‘become white’, from albus ‘white‘.

Winter is always the first thing that comes to mind. Snow with each squall, shower & storm always grow to shade the world into white.

White birch tree bark is albescent, younger saplings do not have white bark. As the tree matures, the bark goes albescent.

Fog is albescent as the world is  shrouded with a misty to thickening blanket.

Off to the web!

I.  Cliffside Park plows through snow removal budget

Although the young and the young at heart eagerly await Mother Nature’s albescent playground, the increase in snowfall is a challenge for Cliffside Park’s snow removal budget.

II. The Be…Dream…Play… blog explores the shades of Albescent through pictures. 

III. How many points does Albescent score out in word games? According to Scrabble Word Finder, 13 points in Scrabble and 17 points in Words With Friends.  With one extra letter Albescent can be rescrabbled as Celebrant.

IV. Since a lot of the search results explore the 50 shades of white, here is Benjamin Moore’s interpretation.

V. And now that we have gotten to the 50 shades, this blog will close with this quote, courtesy of GoodReads;

“You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince”
― E.L. JamesFifty Shades of Grey



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