Game On


The squirrels may have temporarily won a skirmish, but will lose the battle and the war. The snow depth and cold enabled the pesky squirrels to bypass the sheet metal surround on the 4×4 post and the squirrel skirt to access the the bird feeders. As if that wasn’t enough, they structurally destroyed the feeder to the left in their unrelenting haste to eat all the sunflower seeds all at once, leaving none for their fellow denizens at the house at the edge of the forest.

As if having their own dedicated feeding station wasn’t enough.

So changes were made.

A squirrel/raccoon baffle was installed to replace the sheet metal surround & skirt. The sheet metal surround and skirt were set aside for possible/eventual reuse.  The suet baskets, once on the sides of the now busted up feeder were placed on the ends of the horizontal 4×4. And the new hopper feed placed.

So far, only a squirrel or two have returned to feast on the seeds dumped on the ground during renovation. Time will tell when the  other denizens of the wildlife feeding station return.  Hopefully, these changes will create an armistice between the squirrels and myself.


2 thoughts on “Game On

  1. I have the same project in mind 🙂 well then there is that pesky bear 🙂 I have 20 big fat gray squirrels here each day and a pair of red ones I know my feed bill is half theirs 🙂

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