Maine Photo Cafe

Effective this weekend, the website, hosted on is being shutdown. Why? Simply put, revenues never exceeded expenses. Truth be told, after a three year run, revenues remain nonexistent.

Truth be told, the marketing of photography is a distraction from the art of photography.

MPC will remain a presence on Facebook. MPC’s primary public presence will most likely be sustained on Flickr.

Another possible thought will be to rebrand my photography from MPC to a RMSmithJr, or some suitable named brand. Fine photography by Robert Smith.

At this juncture, the only thing that I may be sure of is that I am a Photographer.

Contact me directly if you wish to purchase from my body of work.



ALERT! will remain on line.  I downgraded the prescription level to a more affordable level for now.  Contact me directly for ordering information.


2 thoughts on “Maine Photo Cafe

    • Pat;

      No worries, this is a transition, not an abandonment. The decision was pure economics, both financial and time, space & place. I’ll be moving the files over to a Flickr Album & sustaining my relationship with the printing lab. The renewal fee is coming up for the SmugMug site and that really drove the timing.

      As always, stay tuned.

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