Silent Rhythms

The earth spins, rotates in an orbit around the sun. The sun, one of countless other suns, spins & rotates around a center of a galaxy. Is there a black hole at the core of the galaxy?  The galaxy moves away from a Big Bang and towards final entropy. The knowledge of which is limited only by imagination and mathematical equations.

In silence, the sun & moon rise and set. Thus creating the tides that ebb & crest. All with and without being noticed, observed or celebrated. The equinoxes & solstices are better known, but are only astronomical events that are scarcely in tune with the seasons so represented.  The seasons lead and/or lag according to the weather, altitude and latitude. The higher, the longer the winter. The lower, the endless sameness of always summer.

Silent Rhythms, scarcely observed.

Primitive man lived an ignorant existence. In the absence of knowledge, the mind creates plausible explanations.  These plausible explanations created deities, shaman shysters preyed on the praying ignorant, temples were built, rituals practiced, and religions devolved. All in man’s quest for wisdom and authentic explanations for the working rhythms of the world.

Through man’s curiosity, science evolved.  Science was a fragile candle in the darkness that also challenged the shaman shyster’s authority that was based on keeping the masses ignorant. Scientist were scorned, humiliated & imprisoned.   Man’s curiosity persevered and won the intellectual battle without shaming, scorning or humiliating man’s spirituality. Coexistence is possible when diversity of thought is respected. Man, diety and earth are no longer at the physical center of the  known universe.

The Moon & Venus

The Moon & Venus

Today, we have near instantaneous access to time, sun, moon, weather & tide et al information. The natural silent rhythms of this world are at our finger tips while absent from our soul. Yet we struggle against the seasons, choosing shallow ignorance over celebrating the celestial with spiritual harmony.  The challenge is to regain serenity through deliberate synchronization.

Here are a few sites that you can use to align your cosmic harmony:

  1. This site provides Sun & Moon Rise/Set data, along with the current phase of the moon.  Stroll around for awhile and see all that it has to offer. Then return often. One of the first things to do is to Set Location.
  2. Maine Harbors:  This one is unique to New England. By clicking on the Maine link,  it gives the Tidal data from Kittery to Eastport.  IF you are not on the seacoast, then this site, while useful and interesting, may be less pertinent for you.  IF you are on a seacoast, there should be an equivalent service just a few keystrokes and clicks away.
  3. A gateway to the solar system.

It is to easy to get lost in these sites, at all of the interesting information provided in near real time.

From The House at the Edge of the Forest, stay tuned.


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