Arizona Sunset



Too often, what is over the horizon and beyond our sight impacts our vision. What is over the hill or around the corner. Perhaps we can see the pending impact through a shadow or a sound. Or we may not & never sense or see it coming.

Sunset/rise photography is like that. For this picture, the setting was key. The intent was an uncluttered foreground in a near urban environment. By uncluttered, that includes the visual intrusions of power lines, street lights, dwellings, roads and vehicles. All the cluttered distractions of man’s intrusive existence. Its not always easy to find that purity in a near urban environment. The view point of this picture was a roadside compromise with man’s presence excluded through composition and lens focal length.

There was a promise of pending spectacular. A roof of clouds layover the landscape. IF the unseen horizon remained clear, the sky overhead would brighten & light up with hues of nature’s brilliance. Those hues would include the subtle pinks, oranges and reds blending together to blanket the end of day with the warming essence of last light painted onto the sky overhead.

Alas, it didn’t happen. Most lileky, there was a cloud bank either below the horizon or beyond the near distance mountain that prevented the spectacular last light f the day. It happens. Not everyday begins or ends in the style of natural and native beauty. Some days just sink with the seldom observed sun. The sun silently comes, rises, peaks, ebbs & sets until tomorrow. Usually without mindful notice.

This sunset passed to briefly from potential through transitory beauty before descending into dusk. What clouds lie on your horizon, hidden from view, that may be masking your full potential?



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