This Is IT!


IT is a 2008 Winnebago Destination Class A RV. After several months of talking, thinking and looking, this RV is the one for us. With just a wee bit of trepidation (okay-one large dose), we put in an eBay bid and won.

The good news about eBay is that it casts a wide net. The bad news is that sometimes that wide net that is a several days drive way. This RV is 1500 miles away. As such, the acceptance inspection and checkout will reveal the final buy or walkaway decision. Lets hope it works out well for both parties.

The seller was contacted one evening for a conversation as to the conditions of the sale. The next morning, several hours before the auction closed, the seller contacted us to ascertain our final intentions. We were going to let it ride until the final moments of the auction. This is when the any bid-up action occurs. Several moments after this conversation, the seller closed the auction and we were the declared winners.

Now the next stage is in progress. Steps in this stage include paying the deposit, financing, insurance quoting and provisional travel arrangements. Tough stuff to do on a Sunday afternoon. The loan app is in. Several provisional insurance quotes will be reviewed tomorrow.

Then there is the time away from work to go, get & return.

This journey is just beginning. This will be our fourth (and final?) RV purchase over the past dozen years. A dozen years ago, we upgraded our first popup tent trailer for one with a ‘stylin’ dining bump-out. No more going outside to change our minds. That second popup yielded to first travel trailer, complete with heavy duty load distribution & anti-sway bars. We learned that we could handle the drive down the road with longer travel units. After two years, the travel trailer was traded in and we upgraded to a 32RLT fifth wheel. That has been a sweet time. But, the limited size of the truck’s gas tank was a constraint.

The question had become, replace the truck or complete the final upgrade. So here we are now, looking at the future with a Class A RV.

Stay Tuned, we’ve only just begun again.

All glory comes from daring to begin.
Eugene F. Ware


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