The April AAA & the WD08 Project

I’m not normally a frequent flyer.


But I take off this evening for the second trip this month. Between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon; I will have flown into Atlanta (an occasional) destination; driven to Alabama; and returned. Earlier this month, we dashed to & fro to Arizona. T’would appear that warmer climes are beckoning away from this extended winter.

The reason for this abrupt trip is to buyer acceptance inspect the 2008 Winnebago Destination Class A RV that we bought over eBay. See the previous THIS IS IT post here on the Maine Forest Cafe.

It remains a busy week of learning. Loan approval in two days implies does not include loan processed and loan paid. This inserts friction, drag and necessary delays. There will be lessons learned posting to folllow.

Affirmative communications between the buyer and seller, between the money and the asset, has been useful to offset this friction. The communications has been pleasant and useful to bridge the gap in between the process and the purchase. A dark wall of silence builds walls.

The sun is rising. Will watch it set this evening at altitude.

Stay Tuned. The journey is still beginning.


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