“Words are like leaves; and where they most abound,

Much fruit of sense beneath is rarely found.

Alexander Pope


See these letters swirl

Like a thousand white birds

in the sky up above her

Letters by Trevor Lewington ~ Enter The Haggis

Swirling Seagulls

“Letters are friends

They become words

That share thoughts

And become letters.”


Read between the lines. There is never enough time read, think & write.  We don’t take the  time …. to write.  IF every morning would be treated like Sunday morning, I would write more. It seems that the Internet, for all its depth and breadth has shallowed our thoughts and communications into 140 shared characters. The same standard as the typical terse telegram.  Remember telegrams?  They are the quaint equivalent predecessor of Tweets.

Why wait to be stuck in a hopeless hostile desert, to be too young to die, to finally take the time ,,,,, to write? (hint, click on the hyperlinked Letters above to read & listen)

From the house at the edge of the forest…..


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