WD08 Update

One month later, the Winnebago Destination 2008 is in transit from there to here.


The 2007 Montana Mountaineer is now for sale on Craigslist. Now, it is our time to wait, worry & fret through the For Sale process. Patience is the virtue that will be tested. The silence of the universe must not create fear. Instead, the natural rhythm of time must be allowed to run its course.

Several days later – WD08 was delivered yesterday!


There is a lot that has gone on over the past month. The financing process lingers on through the title transfer and licensing process. The financing firm communications philosophy is grounded in their ‘right to remain silent.’

The RV loop of the driveway has been widened and refreshed with additional reclaim. It too remains a work in progress. This part of the yard is always damp with the seep of a running course of water. A culvert is in place to allow some drainage, but was not placed appropriately to allow adequate drainage. The good news is that the landscaping contractor has the right perspective on resolution. The work that remains will elevate the low spots while also transitioning the high spots. The work will be done as soon as it is dry enough to do so. Until then, that part of the yard looks as muddy as a Casco Bay low tide.

The RV has several minor issues to resolve. The pleated curtain above the dinette set does not stow in the upward position. The shade on the door failed during transit. At least two interior lights need replacement. And the sound quality of the 5.1 home theater may become challenging. All minor issues that will be addressed as time permits.

The bonding process remains interesting. Nearly every function in the RV has two-stage safety protocols in effect. For example, to extend the slides, the engine should be running, then another keyed switch placed in the correct position, then unlock the slide and finally extend the slides. Every step is the result of a previous lesson learned and becomes a lesson to be learned. And that is okay.

The real hurdle is driver confidence through competency. Most folks, self included, cannot believe that a Class A RV can be driven with a Class C license. That’s right, 12 tons of momentum on the road being driven by someone road tested several decades ago.


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