WD08 Update


Well now, we are on our second RV’ing weekend trip this month. The first one was to the Augusta/Gardner KOA located in Richmond. That was a short road trip away.

Now we are at the Saltwater Farm Campground near Thomaston, Maine. A longer, well twice as long road trip.

The coach & chassis drive like a dream. There have only been two screams – aka near misses so far. On the first trip, while returning home via a more rough/rugged than necessary state road, the right front compartment popped open. This road literally had no shoulders and the next mailbox was at risk. The coach was slowed to a stop with the right side tires tenderly off the road. I scampered out to close the compartment. It was locked, so would close, so scampered back in for keys. After a brief delay, we got back on the road and arrived safely at home with no further incident.

Yesterday, while traveling through Bath on US Route One, the through traffic travel lane is the left lane. Merging traffic gets the right lane. A 1-ton truck merged then drifted out of his lane and into ours. We had momentum, brakes and a blaring horn that returned the driver back into his lane and full control of his vehicle.

The bonding to the coach, chassis & naming continues.


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