The Book, Sorceress Rising

A friend of mine has their first novel coming out on Amazon beginning Sept 24, 2014. The Book, Sorceress Rising, is a mystery thriller set in Wisconsin. I will let you know more as I learn more.

Here is the book overview:

Sorceress Rising by Evan Michael Martin

Jack Gevaudan’s roots can be traced back twelve generations, to the small town currently known as Lake Melts, Wisconsin. He hears news of animal attacks that have killed people in recent months, not to mention the countless slaughtering of animals around neighboring farms. There are whispers of it being a large wolf or bear, but he knows the truth, and soon so will everyone.

John Slocum, a decorated Army veteran, is a deputy with the Elkhorn Police. He thought given his past, he had seen it all. But he realized, he wasn’t prepared for the events that have shocked his small town community. With the help of other members of the force, Sheriff’s Department, and the beautiful Clio, an unusual redhead, John tries to solve the serial crimes before any more are committed.

It’s been over two decades since Cliodan Boru’s family came to the new world. Being of Wiccan decent, Clio may be the only hope her town has to save them from the evil that looms upon it. With the help of John Slocum, her two Irish Wolfhounds, Conal and Cullann, and other friends, John and Clio will take on one of the most terrifying beasts to ever walk the night.


Here is an update about my friends book, along with the cover, due to be released Oct 7 on

Clio Boru is a peaceful Wiccan who has two Irish Wolfhounds as her companions. Her family has lived in Lake Melts, Wisconsin for generations, but no one knew what again lurked in the pine barrens of Lake Melts until a little dog alerted them to its existence. Decades ago, something had killed Clio’s Great Great Grandmother near those same Pine Barrens. Now it had returned, terrorizing Clio’s small community. After a brutal murder and a terrifying visit to her store, Clio knew the terror had found her family again. Clio must find the strength within her to overpower this monster and make things right in the universe. Clio, along with the help of Sheriff’s Deputies John Slocum and Karl Grabinski, and a visitor in town, crypto-zoologist Roger Marquette, work hard to track down this ancient terror. But will they find it in time?


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