Coastal Journal Connections


So one evening a week, we go to our favorite watering hole – Grittys in Freeport – for a quenching of thirst accompanied by appropriate sustenance. In other words a mug and some great pub food.

True to traditional form, I picked up one of the selection from several, one of the local free newspapers. This time, the Coastal Journal. On page 20, there is an article about a Maine Humorist & story teller – Wendall Kinney, who references as inspiration, American humorist John Gould.

40 years ago, at the real Portland Public Library, I had the honor of meeting John Gould. He was the contemporary and friends of my grandparents Boyden. In his voice, I heard the humor of my grandfather’s voice. It feels good to hear of that old Yankee spirit of humor continue onward.

But wait, there is more on this one printed page.

On the opposite page is the display ad posted above. Sponsored by a worthy advocate & patron of local artists, Andrea Brand. There are a lot of memories connecting the past of John Gould to the present day of the Art Barn.

The real story of life is the connection of one life to the next. Sometimes in unexpected, albeit delightful ways. Tonight exemplified those wonderful connections. I could go on, but enough has been said.

Except for this, please share one of the stories of your connections.


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