Soceress Rising Book 1 Update

Clio, the books main character, is based on a real person and Lake Melts is a real community. To protect their privacy I changed the name of both. Yet they do exist. I met Clio during my travels in Ireland, she is a Wiccan and she does own a shop like the one in the book. It is there that our paths crossed and she enthralled me with tales of Slieveanorra Forest, Slieve Bloom Mountains and Kinnitty Castle, built on an ancient Druid Site.

When I went back home to Wisconsin I noticed the similarity between all of the places Clio shared with me along with the Escarpment and woods here in Lake Melts.. This gave me the inspiration to try and tell a story. The petite and beautiful Clio was a natural fit for the main character.


Sorceress Rising will be released on Amazon beginning October 7, 2014 and Barnes & Noble on October 14.


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