The Ten Minute Challenge

Siri – ten minutes.  No response, battery died overnight.


Insert picture. That ate it’s own minute of patiently waiting.

I was in a bookstore yesterday, for the first time in a long time.  Why?  At first just to walk around, and to mostly collect ideas.  Using the web on the iPad, iPhone and/or the iMac is limiting. You only see what you asked to see.  Walking around a bookstore is a visual event.  Stacks & racks of books, titles, authors & ideas.   I bought one magazine and one collection of science fiction.  I haven’t read science fiction for quite some time.  The name of the collection is Twelve Tomorrows and it is published by MIT ~ who better to curate science fiction than scientist?.  For too long, my reading has been restricted to business’esque themes.  Reading science fiction is a throwback to my youth.

So for a twenty, I have the opportunity to renew, refresh & extend my reading. On my iPad, I’m reading a WW II true story about a plane crash in Shangri-La.  A captivating story on survival.  On the iPhone, I’m reading Robert Frost’s collection titled North of Boston.  All reading doesn’t have to be about business. Except for the book in my daily sportsman/camera bag ~ that one is an HBR book on leadership.  So, two of the four current reading titles come from Cambridge, MA.

And my ten minutes are now up.


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