Experiment #1 Practice Day One


Experiment #1 is about abstaining from Facebook for one week. I faltered only once today, and that was because I got an email that stated a good friend had posted something on my page. It is the picture below.


This is in response to a picture I posted recently. It was my Class A RV pulled up to the garage door and not even coming close to fitting in. So my rationalization for this deviation is that good friends should not be ignored.

Besides this one transgression, there has not been a strong pull to peek. Tomorrow will be even better. I used the time by playing with a new camera gizmo – a wifi adaptor that enables a wireless connection from my either my Nikon D7100 or D3200 (really my wife’s camera). It worked swell. The top picture of Mt Washington was the first successful tripod.

Also, I abstained from alcohol, updated all this iPad’s apps, & read an interesting real book.

All sans Facebook. Practice Day Two will be better. Perhaps I’ll either FB surge on Friday before the real experiment period begins on Saturday. Or not?


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