Raptitude Experiment #1

The right time is not always right now, but will be soon. I have chosen my first life gets better experiment. This first experiment will be a week without facebook. Technically, it may start right now, but will definitely start on November 1st.

FB is a time bandit. It is one of several addictions that need to be faced, tamed, moderated or eliminated.


So no FB today. A tentative start along the way. No pithy quotes posted. No checking the notifications to see who liked what, or said what. When the urge to type something out loud occurs, it will be here, not there. Photos will be going back where they belong – Flickr. Oh, and blog postings will not be announced either. IS anyone listening now?

The tough part may be the iPhone. It collects, counts and chimes when FB activity occurs. Now, that chiming will be a reminder not to sneak a peak.

A downside may be erosion of social media capital. So be it. Silence will reveal what and who matters most. IF anyone matters at all. Okay, that was a wee bit snarlier than truly necesary.


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