Experiment #1 is now in progress

As a reminder, the purpose of this experiment is to not access FaceBook for one week.


1 January

Kawaikini – the highest point on Kauai.


There was a practice period.  Day one was successful. Day two was a smashing failure.  Day three was moderate.

So, it really starts now. When I came into this study, my sanctuary, tapped the mouse pad to wake up this iMac, it awoke with the web browser displayed.  A quick move of the icon to the x to close the FB webpage.  It is a quick leap to imagine the mental scheming that may occur about just taking one quick peek.  Well, those quick peeks become lasting time bandits. Bad habits, unhealthy habits, are conquered by recognizing these when these mental schemes are occurring and redirecting that thought to elsewhere.

I won’t be here daily to report results.  That could become a replacement scheme that consumes time. Instead, as/if other value added thoughts occur, they will or won’t be shared.  That is how free will works.


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