Experiment # 1 is done

IMG_8015.PNGAnd one message.  Looks like I made it, seven days in a row without the persistent affirmation of FaceBook. The picture is a snapshot from the iPhone 5.   What was unexpectedly unique? – the fifteen emails from FB reminding me that I was missed/what I was missing. Feel better now Zuckerberg?  By the way, those stalking emails were creepy.

So what was missed?  Most likely the pandering & pestering political posts.  At least that & not getting drawn into the false fantasy that what I said, liked or shared would actually change someone else’s political philosophy.

Along the way, this iMac got updated to iOS X Yosemite. That was a long event over two evenings and one morning.  I did read more.  Did remain engaged on HRTalk – an HR bulletin board infested with arrogant anonymous posers. (deliberate spelling), some instagram, and not enough LinkedIN – that is where the best ideas are.

Did you notice my absence?  Will I notice yours?


From the house at the edge of the forest, Stay Tuned.



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