Day Three Postcard from Maui


Sunrise at the summit of Haleakala Volcano, ASL 10,023. Kept the body on EST for an early wake-up & drive from sea level to near the summit. Missed getting parking in either of the two lots, so parked along the side road to the adjacent astronomical observatory. An ash cone blocked the view to the east, so walked back at two hundred yards for a clear view.

While waiting, dabble with night time exposure photography.


The summit crowds dissipated quickly and was able to park at the summit for additional photography. My favorite one was the Air Force Space Surveillance telescope. It was still actively seeking for awhile after sunrise until getting parked in its daytime position.


After the drive back to Lahaina, to freshen up from the early departure, we drove the northwest coastal route as far as our courage & stamina would take us. Along the way, stopped at S Turns to watch the surfers perform their art on boards.


The day ended with the Luau at Lele. A sit down affair and those pictures remain in the camera. Perhaps I will also share a brief story behind the overheard, ‘you pushed me’ episode.

Aloha & Mahalo for reading my blog.


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