Day Two Postcard from Maui


This would be for Sunday, November 16, 2014. The day started at the concierge’s desk at the Maui Coast Hotel. Even though we were checking out, we took advantage of their sales presentation of things to do while in Maui. We sat down with our list and schedule to book the events of interest.

Not every day is booked or packed. There is deliberate casual time built in to the schedule. Since timeshare checkin time was not until 4 PM, we were on casual time. A good chunk of the day was spent driving up to Haleakala National Park. This precursor trip was a dry run for the next days trip up for sunrise above the clouds. It was a good thing we did this. The GPS was taking us to the backside entrance which would have destroyed the intentions for what came true on Day Three.

Lunch in Lahaina at Lunghi’s – referral from a friend. Dinner across the street at Bubba Gumps. In between, there was a worthy first full sunset from our timeshare lanai.

Early to bed for an early to rise.



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