Postcard from Maui Day Four


The pictures from the luau and yesterday have not yet been downloaded from the camera. This is an iPhone 5 shot. The great thing about this WordPress app is the ability to post seamlessly across platforms.

Yesterday started with Breakfast at Dukes

Then drove to the southern end of the road which included driving through geologically fresh lava. Maui’s last surface lava flow was in 1790. It could have been last week. Most of the lava flow is closed due to the danger of unexploded WW II ordance. It was used as a bombing range.

Lunch in a resort town – uppity dining.

106 degrees recorded on the Mustang dashboard thermometer in Kihei. Brief burst of excessive intensity. Suddenly, driving with the convertible top down was no longer fun at all.

Stopped for casual time at a Launiupoko State Wayside Park south of Lahania. In the shade of huge banyan tree. There are many of these small parks along the shore here in Maui. This island has done a great job with securing waterfront access to & for the general public.

Ulalena interpretive dance performance at the Maui theater.

Then dinner at Fleetwoods.

Today, north shore beaches, Iao State Park and early season Whale Watching


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