Day Five Postcard from Maui


The letter of the day is W for Water- Wave Surfing – Wind Surfing – Whale Watching.

The day, each day always starts with coffee on the lanai with waves steadily thrashing onto the shore. The proximity to water makes this one spot as good as our favorite spot in Eastport, Maine.

Then breakfast on the water in downtown Lahaina. The place is a parking scam, pretty much the triple point of supply, demand and capitalism. We impressively scored street side parking a brief 45 second walk from the Koa Cafe, and then scored a water side table. The day started well and would end there too.

Today was a north shore day. Destinaton – Ho’okipa Beach Park for wave & wind surfing. No slouching at all in either category. Sturdy wind and boisterous waves.



Then back to Lahaina for a whale searching cruise on the Pacific Whale Foundation’s boat – the good ship Quest. The difference between a whale watch and a whale search is the level of guarantee. Since this is early season for whales, there is no guarantee that whales will be seen.

The day quickly turned into a no guarantee required day. Right after the naturalist started her narrative, a pod of several dolphins appeared along side. This pod included a very rare sighting of an infant dolphin, probably not more than several months old.

The pod of dolphins moved along and a pod of whales presented themselves. There is a big difference in behaviors between summer whales in the north and wintering whales in the south. While whales are in northern waters, they exhibit feeding behaviors, the consumption of necessary nutrients to store in blubber for the trip south. Once south, they behavior changes from consumption to the competitive creation of life. Thus the endless cycle repeats, sustains & creates.

So the show went on as the whales exhibited competitive diplays. Vigorous side flipper slapping, rolled surface diving & bumping into each other. One whale was shoved into a shallow breach.

The boat was full of happy tourists. Happy tourists are generous tippers and will share their stories with others. Not unlike this Whale of a Tale.

Before dinner, we journeyed south to see if we could get a horizon for sunset. We didn’t go far enough and there was only one minor cloudlet on the horizon. This quest if for a repeat performance of the Green Flash as seen from Kona last year.

Dinner found us at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Once again, a window seat to enjoy the refreshing island trade winds.



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