Postcard from Maui – Day Seven


The Road to Hana + a National Park dash. R2H is thirty twisting miles across many one lane bridge. Drivers are in constant motion, left, right, gas on, brake on, peering around blind curves, no steady rhythm, brake on, gas on, right turn, left turn, pause to take a picture in congested narrow no turn out areas.

But stopping to pause is necessary. The rain forest is majestic in its overwhelming diversity. The day was packed too full with intentions resulting in the one capstone hike not happening.

After Hana, we went ten miles further to the Haleakala National Park. The intention was to hike in on the Pipiwai trail to at least the bamboo forest. Along the way, there were stops at the Arboretum, black sand beach, lunch with shopping, and several stops for photography. We left Hana for the HNP at 3 PM. The road was no better than before. The best waterfall of the day. Add in concerns about driving back through R2H in the dark. We turned around.

The trip back included rain & really dark roads with the jungle overhead. We popped out as the sun was setting. Lesson learned, leave earlier, drive to the best of the day first, then dawdle back.



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