Leftovers Sandwich


From the Workpress Daily Post prompt: Today, publish a post based on unused material from a previous piece –a paragraph you nixed, a link you didn’t include, a photo you decided not to use. Let your leftovers shine!

So many left overs, from back in the day.  Where to look?  The iPhoto album?  Last year’s journal?


I am beginning to understand how and why artists suffer. Instead of rebuilding my Maine Photo Cafe website on SmugMug, I am paralyzed with fear. Fear of criticism – self-inflicted by the stories that I create to tell myself.


I went to both, found the journal entry quoted above, and then the Christmas lights

One year later, nothing has changed with Maine Photo Cafe and the Christmas lights will go up this weekend.

Often, others described me as a renaissance man with many interests, skills, and talents. To a point, that is true.  To another point, that is a weakness.  I can fix the lawn tractor; work as an adequate carpenter – two built-in bookshelves, one bonus room insulated, sheet rocked & converted into living space, the back deck, front porch et al; self-sufficent with snowplowing and yard mowing-the only two seasons in Maine; do all the outside cooking-turkey in the smoker right now; travel; troubleshoot, repair and manage RV systems;  hike & snowshoe-season dependent; and the list goes on and on & on. Also, there is the reading, writing and thinking necessary to be a blogger.

I describe myself in the following order, photographer, philosopher & business professional working in human resources, safety, health and environmental.  Again a lot of hats get swapped onto and off of this cluttered mind.

So the vital few suffer because of the excessive many, leaving way too many leftovers – things left undone.

Three step recover process.

1. Set priorities – photographer- writing with light, philosopher (reading, thinking & writing), & business professional – the day job/career.

2. Concentrate & focus through decluttering mental and physical work surfaces.

3. Manage time by breaking down projects into tasks.

4. Celebrate task accomplishment.


So, what are you doing about your leftovers?


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