Sky Skiers

Pineland Sunset


Sky Skiers

From a dream.

They only come out at dusk to travel the high wires on cross country skies. Somewhat of an urban legend and a localized curiosity.

How they get from the ground to the wires and not get electrocuted across the wires is an unshared and unrevealed mystery. Mysteries are closely held secrets.

Sky skiers travel in pairs. Always a young man paired with a young woman. Their age differential is indistinguishable. This couple has a zen like, free spirit gentle aura.

At dusk I saw then met one of these couples. I was neither looking or expecting this opportunity.

At first they were sliding on the wires. Power, telephone or cable – it didn’t matter. From pole to pole, stepping over & around. Seeing me watching, they glided to the ground and stepped out of their skis.

We sat together on the ground & engaged in light conversation. Sharing stories, questions & answers. They were comfortably affectionate towards each other sitting closely with limbs intertwined.

Through subtle shifting, she drifted to nestle under his arm while facing me. Her legs draped over mine while our fingertips lightly touched. His gaze turned away while hers leaned in. Pulling at me. Our touches became strokes & holds.

Looking back, I know that I had been selected to be enchanted. She was casting the Sky Skier Spell.

Dusk turned to dark. Our conversation waned into natural shared silence. Without speaking, we stood to go, not yet letting go.

Her & I stood face to face in an elbow holding embrace. Her piercing eyes searched then saw into my shivering soul. Our closed lips touched firmly, lingering with a never ending connection. The world turned below while the universe swirled above.

The next morning, there was a pair of skis standing next to the front door. I brought them into the kitchen, laid them on the floor & turned to make coffee. Out of the corner of my eye, the skis seemed to shiver. The coffee sputtered & brewed while I stepped into the ski’s old fashioned leather lashings.

Under my feet, the skis shimmered then shivered into a hovering lift. My soul soared at this first release from the surly bounds of gravity. All would be different now.


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