Mastering the Blogosphere


Be The Change:

What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

Well, until I typed out the question, I misunderstood the question. My first reaction to the question was to discuss ways I would change my blogging from intuitive to mastery. My postings are rudimentary, always a picture, then text.


There is so much more to know than pictures, text, tags & categories. Right now, I write from simple intuition.  Thats no longer good enough. Good enough isn’t and never should be. Good enough is settling for less than excellence.

So the change I want this blog to make in the world is to become a model of mastery. [and a companion blog to WickedGoodHR]  There are two immediate and companion Mastery projects in work.  One is mastering my Nikon D7100. The other is mastering this blogging platform.

Mastery is all about making best choices as to where to spend time.   Otherwise, all that happens is one remains a jack of all trades and therefore a master of none. Don’t be Jack.


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