Assignment #1: Blogging 101

I read and write with words and light.

I am a traveler, photographer, reader, writer, thinker. Sometimes there is to much rattling through my mind that it leaks through my fingers to either push the shutter and/or patiently punch out these words that you are reading now.  Its a release to all who by happenstance stumble across this blog or my other blog.

By choice, I moved back to Maine fifteen years ago.  My home is at the edge of the forest. To the east, the full moon is rising through the bare forest. Rising into a frigid sky.

Who should read my blog?  Everyone with an eclectic soul.

WordPress is an excellent multidevice platform.  Frequently, a blog will start with a picture taken on the iPhone, gets further drafted on this iPad, and finalized on the iMac. Seamless fun.

On occassion, the Post the Day is used for inspiration. In fact, I definitely need to write on today’s Daring Do to share the experience of  resucing my dog who fell through the ice, then self-rescued myself when I also fell through the ice.

Stay tuned.


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