Lucky Seven



This is the Robert Indiana Statue 7 installed in front of the Portland Museum of Art.


Seven Reasons To Be Lucky.

It is variously said that luck favors the prepared mind. So to be lucky one must be prepared. Here are seven ways to be more prepared.

1. Be in Love. Start with accepting yourself & end with absolute commitment to your other.

2. Be in this Moment. Too often, our minds take off on wretched flights of imagination, fictionally creating tragedies that will never happen. This moment is all you have.

3.  Be Educated.  Education has events of completion – certifications-degrees-graduations –  but these are not stop signs. Always learn the next thing.

4. Be Healthy in body, mind & soul.

5.  Be Frugal.  Every dollar you do not spend today is a dollar saved for tomorrow. Tomorrow comes daily.

6. Be a Good Citizen.  Never pass up an opportunity to vote. Know what and why you are voting for – beyond the sound bite and name recognition.  At the same time, do not be a slave to party dogma.

7.  Be Real.

To Be or Not To Be, that is the question.


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