Promptly Prompts


subtitle: Possible Prompts

Everyday, prompts surround us.

What are your thoughts on “As a Way of Life”?

Or even a song’s lyrics, “Wanted, Dead or Alive”? or “Turn The Page”?

Another daily prompt could be the daily newspaper, what is the headline above the fold?

These all could and do speak to your need for expression. We are immersed with prompts.

Garrison Keillor’s daily Writer’s Almanac follows a prompt driven formula . There is always a poem, On This Day, and Its The Birthday Of….”

According to the BBC, on this day forty years ago, Sir Winston Churchill died at the age of 90.



Or even this, a free song from the StarBucks/iTunes marketing affiliation.  The song title and band name sublimely go together.  Every December, resolutions are made along the theme of making ourselves better.

Let it all unbreak you to the day you met her
But it’d make you better
It’d make you better

Resolve to use daily prompts to make you a better blogger.


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