Good Morning From The End


Good Morning From The End of my first WordPress Blogging 101 course. About half of the assignments were completed.  This course gave me ‘permission’ to tinker with my blogs in ways that I hadn’t got to yet.


If everyday is a new beginning, then every day we are nothing more than beginners.

RMSmithJr. 2009?

I’m signing up for the Writing 201 course next.  Also, I will be experimenting with the plethora of blog formats – Standard -Aside -Image -Video -Quote & -Link.  I’ve always used the default Standard, perhaps the other formats add unique,  context-reinforcing presentation.

A bunch of blogs were added to my WordPress Reader. Great perspective expanding content.  I’ll keep up with all of them the best that I can while always seeking equilibrium with everything else. My concern is that by appearing in my reader, do the blog writers get credit for a view?  I’ll also ask that out loud on the commons.

Speaking of equilibrium, other thoughts & tasks beckon.

From The House at the Edge of the Forest – To Be Continued.


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