No Show

Heart Cloud

Winter Storm Neptune is a dud for here in Salems Lot. Snow accumulations less than nuisance.  I’m okay with this – needed a break from the relentless & persistent snow storm.

The birds are liking it too.  Chickadees diving from the apple tree to the window feeder. The cardinal pair has been at the main feeders. Hopefully the turkeys will make it by ~ they struggle in the deepening snow. Right now, the path they have broken remains clear. Birds fight and struggle for their freedom.  Its eleven degrees outside right now.  A north wind is stirring the trees.  The same trees that provide shelter to this house at the edge of the forest. The north to northeast forest is broken only by the tote road loop.  That won’t change. Other near trees to the east have been pushed back.  the birch, maple and apple tree remain untouched. The pine trees are no longer growing above and over the back yard, threatening the house with unbalanced lengthening limbs that were stretching for daylight.


Today is Tranquility.


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