Today’s prompt for WordPress’s The Daily Post.

What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?

This is the north wall of my second floor study. From left to right, – an oversized hand painted eagle dream catcher, an eagle sun catcher is at the the seven 0’clock position.  The three pictures are gifts – top to bottom – a trio of labs, a pair of wolves  & obscured by the ugly lamp shade is a tree with the sunrising through it. The nonfunctioning cuckoo clock is a souvenir from my Germany tour of duty – two decades ago now. Hanging on the left, several NASCAR race ticket holders – Daytona, Dover & New Hampshire. On the right are HR convention badge holders – Atlanta for national SHRM & the rest for the Maine HR Convention.  Barely visible in the far right is a the trophy from the 1982 Sac Missile Combat Competition.  So that is what is there, but why is it there?

A mostly accidental hodge lodge collection of clutter. The unstated theme is my life. Eagles are a predominant theme. (to the right beyond the trophy is a shelf of Eagle bric a brac). The top picture reminds me of the four labrador retrievers that have come through and/or a part of my life.  {Zeus OS is stretched out behind me}  The other pictures are from friends, knowing of my passion for photography.  NASCARacing is always a good day out and about. HR is my day job. I am now part of the team doing videography & some photography for the annual Maine HR Convention & New England Strategic HR Retreat.   So to a point, this could be an unintended collection of my life’s passion and living.

My parents were photographers.  To the left and right of the double window in front of me are two of my father’s pictures. To the left is the Schooners of Wiscasset.  To the right is an aerial shot of Portland Head Light.

Windows decorate the walls of my sanctuary study. There are views to the left center and right into and across the forrest, down the tote road – currently featuring a broken snowshoe path, and up the driveway.  The bird feeders are visible to the lower left of the front window – a turkey is on the bird feeder right now.  In the lower right hand corner of the left upper window is another bird feeder that is used mostly by chickadees, tufted titmouses, nut hatches & blue jays. Although yesterday, the male cardinal was a stunning visitor.

The mood up here is peaceful solitude. A sanctuary per se. I watch sunrises through the forest from up here. The three favorite trees – white birch, rock maple and forest apple.

These are the walls that don’t hold me inside.


What do you see and feel?


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